A Working Mother's Day Weekend

Anita was enjoying herself with her friends at their annual Girl's Weekend.  While she was gone the boys and I did a lot of work in the tunnel planting tomatoes and other gardening chores around the farm.

After the long days of work, we boys chilled in the back yard around the fire.  We spent the weekend cooking our meals over the open flames and sleeping in our tent.

Last week we received a request for a custom order of 50 pounds(!) of beets for canning.  She's blessed us the last couple of years with these large beet orders and we were thrilled that she sought us out even though we're not at the markets his year.  I got those beets started this evening.  Our beet germination has been lackluster this year so we laid the seeds down thick this time!

As a bonus a couple of our ducks (Quincy and Pheobe) decided to pose for the camera.  They were quite insistent that we include them in this week's post.