Berries and Rainbows

It was another busy but fulfilling week on the farm. We got a lot of different things planted as well as caught up on numerous other tasks around the farm.  The pollen mix in the air shifted over the weekend which allowed Anita to work outside with us and enjoy the wonderful weather!

We had several much appreciated rain showers during the week.  The best was on Tuesday when it was raining on the west side of the farm but sunny on the east side.  It produced the most vivid rainbow we've ever seen (Genesis 9:16)!  It looked like it ended in our field!  Unfortunately by the time our boys made it to the end of the field the rainbow and had moved and taken the pot of gold.

The strawberries have started to wind down, but we managed to harvest another 20 pounds to preserve.  Anita froze about half and made jam and sauce from the other half.  It'll be great to enjoy the flavors of spring during the cold and dark months of winter.

Our newest hens continue to increase the production of colorful beautiful eggs.  They're almost too pretty to eat!

We have 2 varieties of winter wheat that is getting closer to harvest time.  This has been a really fun project to watch develop since the initial planting last fall and we look forward to making bread from our own wheat!