The Cows are Returning

We're getting into the cattle business!  During my time at the Oxen Basics class at Tillers International I put down a deposit on American Milking Devon (AMD) calves from Ox Hill Devons. In October we will be picking up a heifer (Lorna)

and two steers (Rufus and Flynn).

The Van Ords, who own the farm, are well known in the AMD community for their mult-generational high-quality genetics and calf training.

Lorna will help us establish a Milking Devon breeding program which in turns means we'll be producing milk on the farm!

Rufus and Flynn will be trained to do work on the farm as future oxen.  There are many small jobs that they'll be able to assist with as soon as I have them on the farm and in a yoke.

For example, these year-old cuties below are more than capable of pulling small carts with loads weighing hundreds of pounds.

We are super excited to start this new chapter in our farm life and we look forward to the opportunities it will bring.